The Beginner’s Guide on How to Unlock iPhone 7

Just to refresh your memory, iPhone jail break is where your iPhone 7 is pegged to a particular network carrier, and you are not able to use it on any other carrier. This means that your default carrier can charge you what they feel for the services they offer; even if their services are of poor quality. The good news is with Picozip iphone 7 unlock, it becomes easier. On the other hand, iPhone 7 unlocking is where you eliminate restrictions that withhold you from using your iPhone 7 on any other network.

Unlocking your iPhone 7 gives you the freedom to escape all the challenges associated with your default carrier upon purchase of your brand new iPhone 7.

Common methods for iPhone 7 unlock

Software Unlockingsadsadsadasda

This iPhone unlocking method first came into use when the iPhone 3G first hit the market. The method took advantage of the iPhone’s hardware loophole to allow a user to move their iPhone to any carrier of their choice. Unluckily, this method was discovered by Apple and the hardware-loophole fixed. As a result, the process cannot unlock your iPhone 7 currently.

Hardware Unlocking

The next method discovered after the fixing of the hardware loophole on the iPhone 3G is the hardware unlocking method. This method is where you pay an individual to open up your iPhone 7 and alter its internal hardware until the iPhone begins accepting other carriers besides the default carrier. This method is unreliable, dirty and dangerous. In fact, it might alter your warranty.

IMEI/ Factorysadsadsadsa Unlocking

This method is the final but most reliable method for unlocking your iPhone 7. An IMEI is a unique factory code used to identify your iPhone 7. Each iPhone has its unique IMEI code stored on Apple’s database alongside other special identification features for instance storage size, color, model number and whether it is locked to a particular carrier or not.

IMEI unlocking helps in changing the status of your iPhone from being locked to a specific carrier to being open for use on any network of your choice. As we speak, this is the most efficient, safest, reliable and permanent method to unlock your iPhone 7. What’s more? It does not alter your warranty whatsoever.