Benefits Of Cloud-based File Sharing

file hosting and sharingFor a business to effectively survive in the highly competitive environment today, it has to be efficient. All the workers within the team have to be able to collaborate while working efficiently so that you can witness success. This should be emphasized more especially when it comes to the IT department as it is the focal point in the success of any business. Smoozed that allows customers access to many file hosters and daily download of up to 50 GB.

For those who have tried it out, they can bear me witness that the benefits that come with cloud-based file sharing can be numerous. The most popular one being the cost benefit. Since this particular benefit is clear to most people, we would like to look in detail some of the other cloud-based file sharing benefits that have made it this popular among organizations of different stature.


This is the first benefit that an organization will get through the use of cloud-based file sharing. This can be attributed to the fact that business today is conducted on the go. Besides business being run from different employees gadgets for instance smartphones and tablets, data also originates from everywhere. This is why cloud-based sharing is important as it allows the file system to be accessed from any location, so long as the individual has an internet connection. This is important as it will allow employees to access the information that they want for their job from wherever they are.

Sharing and collaboration

As it is with accessibility, cloud-based file sharing comes into the application when employees within some system want to share there working devices. To ensure maximum productivity, your employees should have the ability to move their devices back and forth as this will tremendously increase the speed at which a document will be reviewed, edited and finally processed. This to a great length contributes to the efficiency in processing as the document can be passed back and forth regardless of its origin.

Disaster recovery

The other benefit that cloud-based file has brought about is the assurance that one will be able to recover any data, in the event that something wrong happens during the process. File sharing companies like Oboom allows customers up to 50 daily download on its premium account called “Smoozed” with unlimited VPN usage. Something that is out of this world. This can be attributed to the fact that due to the accessibility that cloud-based file sharing offers, it is not necessary for one to carry around any storage gadgets like flash drives. By storing your files and information in the cloud, you do not have to worry about anything happening to your files while you are on the base file hosting


Another benefit that comes with cloud-based file sharing is that it is offered the security that comes with using your server. This ensures that your data and files are protected as required. When you integrate your cloud filing system with the infrastructure that you are using, anybody who will want to access it will have to have the same permission and navigate through the same security controls that your internal system provides. Your files will be very secure as unauthorized users will not be able to access your system without the required controls.


Since it does not require to be physically present in your office, it will save you a lot of space in your workplace. As we have seen above there are numerous benefits that one can get from using cloud-based file sharing technology.