How to bypass geo-restrictions and location errors

efregthbfdvHave you come across someone complaining that they cannot watch Netflix when they are not in the US, or when you cannot be able to use your BBC iPlayer when you are outside the jurisdictions of the queen. Those who have experienced this will tell you that they received a message that they could not access those services at that particular time. This can happen even though your account is still loaded, but why so, the simple reason is that the service providers, do not offer services nor do they receive money from your current geographical location. You can also read the guide here on ways to bypass geo-restrictions and locations errors.

This does not happen to only you, but research has shown that thousands of people are locked out from some major online stores like iTunes and even Amazon because of their geographical location. In this article, we are going to highlight some tips that one can apply, so that they can bypass geo-restrictions and any locational errors no matter their location in the world.

How to bypass geo-restrictions

So what is geo-restriction?

This can be defined as a program or system that is discriminative and is mostly used to limit the access of internet services based on where one is located geographically. This is a system that is popularly used by popular streaming sites like iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu. This serves the purpose of limiting content to particular market segments. Even though most of this companies say that this is done due to challenges that are brought about by cross-border licensing issues or other legality issues, but the real reasons is that these entities are not willing to invest in the low-end markets, for example, Africa and Asia due to the low returns plus the large initial capital that is required.

So how do you bypass these restrictions?

This can be referred to as geo-dodging. Regardless of the type of geo-restriction that is put in place, there are some ways that it can easily be bypassed, keeping the legality issues aside let us see some of the ways that one can be operating in a world with no borders.ertryjgfhgdsr

Using a virtual private network

This is one of the most common ways that is used to unblock geo-restrictions sites hence avoiding location and web errors. This program(VPN) is made in a way that it can hide the real IP address of the device that you are using hence allowing you to browse the internet as an anonymous being. This way those sites that are geo-restricted will not be able to tell your real location. Hence you will not be under any restrictions.

Using a smart DNS proxy

The use of DNS tunneling is also one of the easiest ways that one can dodge geo-restrictions and avoid encountering location errors. Most of the major streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix use the IP address of your device to see your location and lock you out if you are in a geo-restricted area. To beat this, all you need to do is have a smart DNS proxy to help you conceal the IP address of your device, and you will be good to go.

The other popular ways that you can bypass geo-restrictions is by the use of Hola plugin browse and also the use of proxy servers.